Sustainable Hudson Valley is a regional leadership organization that challenges and supports communities in achieving rapid, equitable change. Our board and staff are issue experts and strong networkers, each with professional specialty in facets of sustainability. In contrast with organizations that primarily work in policy, politics, or education, we believe that new pathways are forged by creative ideas and relationships. The hallmark of our work is bringing people together to imagine, then plan for the community they want to live in. Our work is based on a belief in human potential and the power of creative social movements, not on accommodating "the way it has always been."

"Years after SHV's well-attended, lively conference, I find that the notes and handouts are still a source of inspiration and guidance in my work toward zero waste. Thank you for that continued support."

Laura Pettit, New Paltz Recycling Coordinator

"Sustainable Hudson Valley has opened up a whole new regional conversation about what economic development can be, and how we go about it."

Mary Ann Johnson, Project Coordinator, Northern Dutchess Alliance

"Michael O'Hara hit it out of the park with his Ten Percent Challenge presentation at the “Keeping Pace with Energy Options” conference!"

Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

"Sustainable Hudson Valley has been an amazing partner and advocate in our work in Poughkeepsie. The organization approaches sustainability from the standpoint of how whole communities are impacted, including every sector of our population and every geographic context. Melissa Everett is incredibly energetic and knowledgeable, and has brought substantial insight to our work to revitalize Poughkeepsie’s downtown."

Elizabeth Celaya, Middle Main Revitalization Initiative, Hudson River Housing

“The retreat on expanding green jobs to our communities was exhilarating, and an opportunity to network with others who have a connection to the earth as well as to job development. As a senior, I sometimes catch myself saying 'Let the young people do it.' But no: I really felt part of a movement, and encouraged that it will go on."

Mary Spriggs, Jobs Not Jails, Poughkeepsie

“Melissa Everett's keynote presentation was a highlight of our conference day, according to quite a few participants. She provided a great blend of perspective and inspiration for our very diverse, somewhat jaded audience of employment and training professionals.”

Tom Bregman, co-producer, Hudson Valley Green Economy conference 2009

" Sustainable Hudson Valley has continued to be a leader in green innovation strategies on a regional and local level. SHV has played an important role in opening community dialogues to deal with the climate crisis. The Kingston Conservation Advisory Council looks forward to collaborating with SHV to move the newly adopted Climate Smart and Green Jobs Community Pledge forward and develop Kingston's green economy."

Julie L. Noble, Chair, Kingston Conservation Advisory Council

"Sustainable Hudson Valley is a great asset to the entire region. The
 conferences have allowed people in the public, private, and non profit
 sector to network with each other throughout the region. Melissa Everett is
 probably the best-networked person in the sustainability community
in the region, and she is an excellent organizer."

David Hess, Professor