New York’s Hudson Valley has a wealth of natural assets and a vibrant movement of innovators building a sustainable economy. Where else can you see green roofs and land sculptures, massive post-industrial facilities being transformed into green technology centers, Living Machines purifying wastewater, plus model homes and education centers, connected by rails, trails, and distinctive village havens? The Hudson Valley has some of the most advanced green buildings in the Northeast, hundreds of solar energy installations, and educational hubs such as the Manitoga Design Center, Omega Institute, and the Culinary Institute of America. A “food corridor” for the New York metropolitan area, the Hudson Valley is newly appreciating and shaping its economic future.

The Valley’s initial project with the global Green Map System, this map highlights the one-of-a-kind treasures that define our place. Here is your invitation to explore, learn and connect. Jump in on your own, or contact Sustainable Hudson Valley for a customized tour.

Hudson Valley Greenmap