Climate change is the challenge of our era.
Dealing with it dynamically can be the economic engine of a lifetime.

Sustainable Hudson Valley's mission is to speed up the shift to a low-carbon economy with high quality of life for all, by bringing people together with knowledge, tools, community and a sense of the possible.

We mobilize consumers to make smart choices with the critical resources of energy and water, both key leverage points in responding to climate change.

We’re helping to lead Solarize Hudson Valley, a 3 year regional campaign making it easier and more affordable to go solar.

We support Kingston Citizens in their efforts to make the city’s water management policies and practices publicly accountable, and are leading an exploration of how water resource protection gives rise to jobs and economic development.

We help entire communities to design their public spaces for resiliency and livability, as a critical aspect of smart growth and self-reliance.

Our workshop, Placemaking in a Changing Climate [.pdf], is available to guide visioning and planning region-wide.

We will soon publish A Guide to Eco-Districts for Small Cities, Towns and Villages and announce a regional training program.

To inspire the imagination on renewable energy possibilities, we are developing a Sol-Art collaborative.

We are fostering a sustainable region by sharing best practices and fostering action partnerships.

We are a partner in the implementation of the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan.

Our Sustainable Communities Cookbook shows the creativity and leadership of Hudson Valley communities.


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