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Volunteering with Sustainable Hudson Valley is a great way to build and showcase your skills, meet cool people who care, and give a meaningful gift to your community. We can always use a hand with graphic design, events, research and fundraising, plus special projects. The 10% Challenge Campaign is all about mobilizing people-power in your community. The skills above, plus community organization, are in high demand as this campaign grows.

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"Interning for SHV was valuable for me both personally and professionally. I got to meet exciting people who shared my passions, and enter into stimulating discussions about how to “save (a little bit of) the world” Working with Melissa and Michael on organizational strategy, I realized how deeply personal activism could contribute to solving a global problem. By helping our region achieve a clean carbon economy, we are impacting more lives than we can know.

"My experience with SHV is also helping me keep my head above water in a tough economy. The communication skills I learned while assisting with SHV's brochures and newsletters have helped establish my credibility with potential employers and land me job interviews. Thanks to SHV, I know how to pitch a message in a concise yet inspirational fashion, create striking graphic designs and layouts, and use Constant Contact software— you can bet employers brighten up when they hear that! Thanks SHV for all you have done for me."

Charlotte Ashlock Want to know more about me?  Visit my blog Confessions of a Deranged Idealist.

-- Charlotte Ashlock, Bard 2010