Climate, Mind and Behavior

If you noted Senator Imhofe's recent comment to Rachel Maddow - "I used to believe in climate change until I found out how much it was going to cost" - you will appreciate that we need a new approach to the conversation. Rational science-based dialogues do not reach human beings in their complexity. Enter Climate, Mind and Behavior, a symposium series launched in 2009 by the Garrison Institute.

The Clean Energy Transition

Opening remarks at Green Economy panel of Clearwater's Indian Point Technical Briefing, April 25, 2011, Desmond Fish Library, Garrison, NY:

The Easiest Economy?

The Easiest Economy?  Reuse and Recycling Based Industries Come (Back) Into Fashion

Snowed out but still inspired: remarks almost given to the Rye sustainability forum

To the Rye community:

You are on my mind tonight as you meet, and I am sidelined by the risk of a wierd spring snowstorm.

Ten Days of Commitment: Ending 2010 with Strength

The future is in our hands for protecting the earth's climate and securing clean energy to sustain our quality of life. In today's political circumstances, national and global leaders aren't able to move - until we the people move beyond talk and accusations, theories and wishful thinking, into creating the low-carbon high-juice future we want to live in.

During Ten Days of Commitment, December 1 - 10, 2010, leaders and citizens will make and then act on commitments to cut their energy use 10% and involve 10% of the people around them in direct positive action.

Ten Percent Challenge: The Strategic Roots

Last year’s climate bill was going nowhere. Copenhagen was shaping up without shape.  Sustainable Hudson Valley was awash in feedback that we were a weak little organization not making a serious difference.  We weren’t taking salaries.  I was restless  - at first whining, then finding my voice with a new set of ideas, knowing that a breakthrough was both necessary and coming.  

Defying Conventional Wisdom: Working with the Brighter Side of Human Nature

Presented at the July 12, 2010 symposium, Defying Conventional Wisdom: Bringing Our Communities Together for Energy and Climate Action"

From the Gulf Tragedy to an Energy Revolution

Valley Views – Poughkeepsie Journal – May 30, 2010

By Melissa Everett, Ph.D.

The fallout from the Gulf Coast BP oil spill is a slow-moving reminder of an opportunity in disguise: to grow the market for clean energy jobs with a movement of households, businesses, and institutions that choose to use energy as the precious, risk-filled resource that it is.

Building blocks and holiday gifts

The word from Cancun:  Framework Convention head Christiana Figueroes held back tears as she told a youth delegation that what will be accomplished there, won't be enough.  Yet of course we must keep trying and of course it's in our hands.  But we are confronting the limits to our power to make a difference right now.  The subject of human potential and pathways of change is therefore still in center stage.  

Energy Improvements: Buildings and People Too

Today I was a guest at a very exciting graduation ceremony.  The academy was the Greyston Foundation in Yonkers.

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