• Omega Center for Sustainable Living - courtesy of Omega Institute
  • Talliaferro Farms - Bounty of the Valley - photo by Jennifer May
  • 10% Challenge Campaign
  • Start Seeing Bikes Rally, Kingston 2010
  • Fountain Dance - photo by Anne Wiesen

Climate change is the challenge of our era.
Dealing with it dynamically can be the economic engine of a lifetime.

Sustainable Hudson Valley's mission is to speed up the shift to a low-carbon economy with high quality of life for all, by bringing people together with knowledge, tools, community and a sense of the possible.

Research shows that people are best able to deal with the climate crisis, and take action, when they are invited into a conversation about the local implications of a changing climate, from extreme weather to food security; when the call to action is based on values (not narrow self-interest or the illusion of convenience); and when they are part of a group conversation which helps bring home the reality to participants and allows them to make and witness commitments to action. We engage communities in “wake-up conversations” to establish a climate action pathway that plays to each community’s strengths and promotes visible transformation.

2014 Program Priorities

Go Solar Hudson Valley

Mid-Hudson Eco-Districts Initiative

People’s Climate March

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Go Solar Hudson Valley

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