• Omega Center for Sustainable Living - courtesy of Omega Institute
  • Talliaferro Farms - Bounty of the Valley - photo by Jennifer May
  • 10% Challenge Campaign
  • Start Seeing Bikes Rally, Kingston 2010
  • Fountain Dance - photo by Anne Wiesen

Climate change is the challenge of our era.
Dealing with it dynamically can be the economic engine of a lifetime.

Sustainable Hudson Valley's mission is to speed up the shift to a low-carbon economy with high quality of life for all, by bringing people together with knowledge, tools, community and a sense of the possible.

Research shows that people are best able to deal with the climate crisis, and take action, when they are invited into a conversation about the local implications of a changing climate, from extreme weather to food security; when the call to action is based on values (not narrow self-interest or the illusion of convenience); and when they are part of a group conversation which helps bring home the reality to participants and allows them to make and witness commitments to action. We engage communities in “wake-up conversations” to establish a climate action pathway that plays to each community’s strengths and promotes visible transformation.

2014 Program Priorities

Go Solar Hudson Valley

Solar electric power makes all the sense in the world for consumers seeking reliable energy that is locally controlled, and for communities stepping up to fight climate change. But as solar moves closer to the mainstream, it runs up against local policies designed for earlier eras, like zoning barriers and complicated permitting processes.

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Mid-Hudson Eco-Districts Initiative

Accelerating sustainability requires moving beyond demonstration projects and re-making the built environments we live in to create low-carbon, high-quality living and working. This means we need strategies for scaling, attracting investment, and getting many more people involved.

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Upcoming Events

September 21, 2014 - People’s Climate March

New York, New York
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September 25, 2014 - Go Solar Hudson Valley

Organizing meeting
Kingston, New York
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